(For E.)

“Sex, desire, longing and solitude.”

Allen Ginsberg (on the essentials of poetry)


I do not mind what it is about you that disaffects
and hurts, there’s only something in my breathing – – –

a smell of glands

and corruption,

wasting my soul

so gently – – –


And the mad poet cried:

Let rest in your dark almond eyes

the shadows of your wanton rage!

The echoes of those choice torments

kiss me with silence,

absorbing tears and organs

with each hiding – – – !

Heed what I am to whisper

into this auburn night:

the iron of your laughter

is true to more than fire

and rust –

no night has ever heard

such hateful noise – – –







Peter Bies © 2010







3 thoughts on “L’Absinthe

  1. As the last ones: perfect.
    What depth … you lead me into a district that is so familiar, but I did not know that it is around the corner. So I would have never got there without you. Keep it on and forgive me when I am mainly speechless … after you blew me away with your words and sounding images.

  2. Jochen says it better than I can. Your poems and images are very moving but I don’t know “how and why”.

    It seems that I’ve seen the images before, somewhere in a memory or from childhood, when as a child you just know something true about life even though you aren’t an adult yet
    and the truth doesn’t come from actual experience.

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