Reality Is An Endoparasite

Not only science, but language, myth, art and religion as well, provide the building stones from which the world of ‘reality’ is constructed for us, as well as that of the human spirit, in sum the World-of-the-I.

Ernst Cassirer, The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms


common reality

is an endoparasite

hiding in your deepest cortex

making contact

through misunderstanding:


the ultimate objective

the appropriate mode

for any paranoid mind


And the mad poet cried:

Like an organ of iron

grinding the night

splendid new cities

affecting true light

spill intricate whispers

and hateful white noise

upon hateful hearts

and into jealous eyes

of people


to their own


demise – – –


beyond the towers

the pleasure gets weird

darkening leering

blurring at the edges

like a broken promise

as you ‘re speeding past

treacherous roadsigns


at a crossroads

in the late







Peter Bies © 2010


2 thoughts on “Reality Is An Endoparasite

  1. Peter! Mehr davon, ich nehmemir mal 2-3 und mache was damit, wenn es Dir recht ist.
    Tolle Stimmung! Sind die gefiltert oder wie hast Du den Sepia-Effekt erreicht?
    Nur über Belichtung?

    Schönste Grüße aus E-dorf!

  2. Stephan – danke! Nur zu!

    Ich benutz’ ja nur i-Photo – PhotoShop überfordert mich.
    In i-Photo gibt es unter ‘Effekte’ den Sepia-Knopf.
    Mit ‘Temperatur’ und ‘Färbung’ kann ich
    das Bild grauer oder gelber machen.

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