Ghosts of New Year’s Past #2

What is time? If nobody asks me, I know; but if I were desirous to explain it to one that should ask me, plainly I know not.

— Augustine of Hippo


The first thing necessary for a constructive dealing with time is to learn to live in the reality of the present moment. For psychologically speaking, this present moment is all we have.

— Rollo May, in Man’s Search for Himself (1953)





All sober under liquid lights


You grind harsh memories


Behind a mirthless smile


Dawn will be born


Among splinters


Of shattered hopes






You stroke

My shaking limbs


In the shadows


The day is over


So scary behind the noise





I dance with dank flames

Of stoplights and neon signs







So stick

To your tough


Emotional diet


Of dry tears

And stale grudges






While feasting on hard feelings


You sense a rabid rage within


A modicum of effort:






Can you hear it?


The stink will die


So sexy beneath the slime

You dream of peaceful chimes

About the air






The very day

Will come again



And luminous











This is Herbie Hancock live in 1975:







Just for the sheer retro weirdness of it, here’s
Stella – Pourquoi pas moi? (1963)







Peter Bies © 2010








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