Found Art of Bahrenfeld

We are all curators, in the post-modern world, whether we want to be or not.

– William Gibson


Vince – what was that thing called again…? A bolster chisel? A Scharrier-Eisen?


Aspiring sculptor Vincent Koberstein…… he’s a stonemason by trade… here he’s presenting his brand-new tool set…


Vince joined me on a chilly August evening for what turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable walk in funky Bahrenfeld…




… the poetic beauty of urban decay…


… of aesthetic chance operations…


… Vince rolling himself a cigarette at the entrance to some abandoned allotment gardens…


… where we stumbled upon this exquisite little piece…


… of laminated hardboard… all cracked and mouldy… what a beauty!

Truly an object worth to be raised to the dignity of works of art through the choice of the artist *

We left it where it was… it was all wet and slimy underneath and full of creepy-crawlies…

*André Breton


… there are tags written abundantly all over the place, as a matter of course…


… Vince striking a pose next to a generously beautified switch box… I especially like those Pollockian traces of dripping black paint…


I have no idea what the shiny metal thing is… looks like some kind of lightening fixture… condemned to listen helplessly as Vince launches into an endless, tiresome speech on FC Altona 93 – – and their performance this season…


Vincent contemplating the imponderability of aesthetic chance operations… be it in football or the fine arts…




Peter Bies © 2009

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