Thank You For The Music



Basically, it’s human relationships that make a life worth living. 

— Wilhelm von Humbold








Hi Nick!


How’s the old brainbox today, huh?

Functioning properly yet?

Grinding and churning?

Good for you!




So you can be really, really proud of yourself.


I hope you’re feeling better, Nick.

After all, you’re the expert.

Being in the know.

Full of resolve.

As usual.

Now go!


 Indulge in deep and profound communication!


Make proper use of your flat rate!




Make lots of friends!




You gifted expert.


 Expert okay?

I’m just asking…

You understand that, don’t you?


I’m sure you understand that, Nick.


You have no competition.


Not by a long shot, Nick.

Not by a long shot.


For you are a truly unique individual.




I’m sorry – I can’t hear you for any reason.

What did you say?

I can’t hear you.












Abba – Thank You For The Music (1978)




Peter Bies © 2009



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