Flowers in the Rain


My Private Alphaville’s Botanical Garden… there’s blue bottles and bumble bees buzzing beneath the bushes… seeking shelter from the heavy drops of a sudden, violent late afternoon downpour… fine ionized mist ripe with warm damp odors of soaked soil and scented petals… under a muted gray steel sky organic colors crying out so luringly it almost hurts my eyes… the life eternal… is this nature no this is the gardener’s skill… Zuchtformen… dainty cultivated breeds… after the rain clouds have disappeared, magnetic field lines breathe a steady breeze on the pacific ocean of my mind…

(BTW… Artdoxa says hello to our 1000th member – Ofer Zick! Hi Ofer, how’s things in Israel today?!)


Woke up one morning half asleep

With all my blankets in a heap


And yellow roses scattered all around

The time was still approaching


For I couldn’t stand it anymore

Some marigolds upon my eiderdown


I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain

Feel the power of the rain keeping me good


So I lay upon my side

With all the windows open wide


Couldn’t pressurize my head from speaking


Hoping not to make a sound

I pushed my bed into the grounds


In time to catch the sight that I was seeking


I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain


If this perfect pleasure has to be

Then this is paradise to me


If my pillow’s getting wet

I can’t see that it matters much to me


I heard the flowers in the trees


Relieved to leave reality behind me


With my commitments in a mess

My sleep is not a way of rest


In a world of fantasy you’ll find me

I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain

Watching flowers in the rain

Flowers in the rain


Power flowers in the rain


Flower power in the rain…

(fade out)


(The Move: Flowers in the Rain, 1967)

(Umm… I wanted to insert a link to a YouTube video here, but there’s been a glitch… sorry!)


Hey it’s working again! There you are!


Photography: Peter Bies © 2009


9 thoughts on “Flowers in the Rain

  1. Thank god for the hippies! i.e. their colours.
    touching. but you still have to wait a little time for the id-thingy – i’m in constant mental asceticism these days.

  2. superb dear ol´ frien´! i feel hippietized too!
    reminds me that day i´ve had magic mushrooms on toast (with a dip of sourcream!)and than visiting “Botanischen Garten” in berlin!

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