My Psychedelic Underground


Something that you feel will find its own form. — Jack Kerouac


14 March 2009… it’s all grim and grizzly outside… wet and cold…


… grey skies, bare trees…

I wish it was May already…


You know what I like best about summer?


I can take pictures of – flowers!


Here are some samples from last year…


Ready for an overdose of gooey, scintillating, fluorescent eye candy?


Allow me to smother you…


I took them with a Panasonic Lumix


…and I did all the editing with iPhoto. I love it – it’s so quick and simple!


I guess I’m just too thick-skulled for anything more sophisticated. Too lazy. Too impatient.


Psychedelic… well… that’s self-explanatory… what with my taste for a lurid chromatic overdrive


Underground always sounds so alluringly retro… there’s a brilliant album by the Electric Prunes called Psychedelic Underground… I usually have to squat down to take the picture of a flower…


Theirs is a life close to ground level…


… it’s chthonic… firmly rooted, grounded…


… yet phototrophic at the same time…


… striving for the light…


… life on a purely vegetative leveljust metabolizing and reproducing… Stoffwechsel und Fortpflanzung…


… bear some fruit…. and then you wither… you just turn into compost…


… become one with the top soil… dissolve into molecules… to feed new life… next year…


Wouldn’t you love to be a flower?


Peter Bies © All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “My Psychedelic Underground

  1. To paraphrase the Electric Prunes, you “had too much to dream last night.” I-Photo is a neat little program.

  2. Schönes Ding, Peter! Licht- und Farbbringer – mir persönlich gefällt das letzte Bild mit den beiden orangenen Helden der Entsorgung links oben – war das metaphorisch gemeint?
    Blumige Grüße, Stephan.

  3. Stephan – danke!
    Reiner Zufall, daß die beiden in Orange mit drauf sind. Recycling-Hof Feldstraße, neben dem Bunker… Aber die gehören dazu…

  4. What would you do, where would you be without RGB, Peter?
    If you could drive this farer you surely would – make them scream.

    Flashlight, Neonfarben, Schwarzlicht, early disco expierience, the dawn of demand and sex.
    Your flowers are anything else but innocent – I bet you know.

    I would not like to be an flower – I already am: “… all flesh is like grass and all loveliness of human kind like flowers of grass …” Deutsches Requiem, Johannes Brahms.

    What I really would like is to find these in your portfolio – amongst all others of your work.

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