One Step Forward —


Well, well!  It’s been a loing time since i last informed you about recent improvements of our beloved platform… of course, there have been many of these – but (unfortunately) most of them are invisible…hidden in the depth of the code…making the time you spent on ARTDOXA more efficient and my life easier! 

But, satistyingly, there are also some improvements that you can actually see…:

As you may have already noticed, we designed new buttons (on the top right of a picture in the gallery mode) to browse through the portfolio of an artist or his favourites in single steps, forward and backwards… So give your wrists a break, avoid tennis elbows and MAKE USE OF THEM.

And NO, they’re marked with the RED CIRCLE, and NOT with the chewing gum.

Another thing: We improved our automatic mailing system by sending you a message as soon as someone adds one of your artworks as a favourite. In case you don’t care who the heck loves your work you can edit which messages you want to receive in MyDoxa>Preferences.

 Allright then… hope you’re all doing well and life treats you good!


All the best,


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