Idioteque – by Nicolai Hermann.


Idioteque – this intentionally mistelling name sure does its best in understating the obvious: this party-concept being the peak of Munich’s efforts in creating a new dimension of call it literally “underground clubbing” for the third century.

With Bavaria being normally percieved as not exactly “state of the art” culturally, this second idioteque on July 5th achieves being just that – in its own modest yet philosophically challenging way.

Graffity meets Fashion Show meets Video-Installation meets Visuals meet DJs meet Live Band meets painter/photographer – in perfect harmonic semi-synchronized frenzy!

While they all make their first acquaintances, one just has to sniff the air in the “ZKMax” underpass to get the hint of a new scentury!

This is because of world-known munich sprayer Loomit having started his live spraying action on two huge canvasses. He just came back from brazil, where he and a number of guys gave several suburban trains a new colourful look – all over the country.


The performance sure meets the interest of Stephanie Müller, mastermind of the punk fashion label “rag*treasure”, whose outstanding fashion show lateron confronts the boredom of the high class catwalking with typewriter liveaction, baroque trash bag ball dresses, and lots of little paper boats.

Much to the delight of Aiko, member of the german-japanese visuals trio “Zielgruppe”. She runs the fascinating VJing-live-action show on her own this night – on several big screens.

One of those happening to be just behind the center stage, where the band “The Dance Inc.” opened the night at half past ten with their danceleg-lifting disco rock sound – followed by the munich DJ “Dompteur Mooner” and the night’s main act DJ Malente, who has been flown in from Mallorca for just this occasion.


Up to 650 party people marvel at the concept – including a witty video-installation by Stephanie Kramer and the paintings/photography-collages by Paula Pongratz, who spontaneously included one of the several huge moveable vitrines into her painting.

Ooooh – gods behold the jumps the giggles the holy shouts of those attendant souls being freed from all the much-too-long-existing boundaries of context, work, meaning, society, thisleadstothat and dontmixhighwithlows. FeeeREEEEEEDOoM!

So – I hear the few remaining realitysts ask – “What is the ‘meaning’ of all this?” The website gives the explanation of Idioteque being “ein multimedialer Erfahrungskontext, der Musik, bildende Kunst,Film und Mode in einem räumlichen Konzept vereint, das seine Bedeutungen gerade aus Leerstellen, Reibungen und Konflikten gewinnt”. A spatial concept which draws its meaning from voids and conflicts – what a great great concept for humanity’s (if so) future!

Leave your present state (of mind) – and enter an idioteque world nation of senseless (and leaderless!) bliss!
With the next idioteque sure coming up – according to the team in say half a year – new inputs for these ways of lifes are in sight. Impatience is just a word!

Nicolai Hermann, 2008.

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