Paul Thek @ the Phoenix Halls in Hamburg



Hamburg, 30.05.2008 

It was a special friday night in Hamburg. The early and uncommon heat, the upcoming weekend and all the sharp – dressed ladies and men spread through the maze of architectural excellence in the Phoenix Halls made the visitors forget where they were: Hamburg, not New York. 


The Event that attracted hundreds or even thousands of invited guests from all over Germany and even from abroad, was the opening of an exhibition of the american artist Paul Thek (1933 – 1988). According to the Thek is considered an artist with cult status. The hitherto most comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre focused on the effect of his work on contemporary art and established Thek’s historical significance, from legendary outsider to the founder and center of an art movement. It has been possible to bring together more than 300 of Thek’s works, which are largely in private ownership and therefore only seldom publicly shown.  On 6000 square meters art and artcrowd met over rissoles, white wine and beer while nosing a hint of the international art-scene’s flair in hamburg. 


And there was more to see: The exhibition included many other renowned artists such as Works by Franz Ackermann, Kai Althoff / Robert Elfgen, Cosima von Bonin, Björn Dahlem, Sebastian Hammwöhner / Dani Jakob / Gabriel Vormstein, Rachel Harrison, Axel Heil / John Isaacs, Thomas Hirschhorn, Andreas Hofer, Mike Kelley, Jon Kessler, Suchan Kinoshita, Martin Kippenberger, Jonathan Meese, John Miller, William Pope.L, Gregor Schneider, Zeger Reyers / Lee Ranaldo, Bob & Roberta Smith and a special contribution by Peter Hujar and Edwin Klein. 

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