Reality is Female

Electrik Nazis

Peter Bies: “Olaf and his Electric Nazis”, 1980 – wall paint & ball-point on corrugated cardboard

My Private Alphaville©… (#1)

Hi there… our propaganda abteilung wanted to know if I would like to write a few lines for this blog on a regular basis. Well… sure. It’s only that I want you to know that I’m not a professional writer… I am just an active observer. Apart from that I am just… well, full of crap… Do you mind?

My approach to art is basically emotional and biologistic… Does your artwork communicate? Berührt es mich? Does it touch me? Does it affect me? And how does it achieve this?

A matter of glandular response, mostly… Of limbic and cortical interaction. And then there’s the relationship of art and reality. Of reality and its nature… her nature...die Realität (f.) is female, you know. That’s the bottom line. And what about art as objectification of the free will? Oh and then there’s the concept of HYPER-REALITY…

DIGRESSION: Speaking of hyper-reality… I am rather critical of the brave new world of the Internet and I just hate its particular brand of Newspeak… man, it’s unnatural…

The Internet, like TV, video games, cellphones, and the lot, is a means to LOOK AWAY from yourselves in a very efficient manner. So far, it’s in fact the most powerful distraction device known to mankind, with the possible exception of maybe hallucinogenics. Sheer life ersatz… all cortex and no flesh… universally körperfeindlich

DISCLAIMER: I’d like to point out – as I have done before – that I have no idea what art is

I am able to carry out merely some kind of positivistic, phenomenological evaluation… at best.

Then there’s always the human drama and the quest for transcendency… much safer grounds… I am oscillating between angst and boredom all the time… How about you? I have suffered from ennui of Baudelairean dimensions. Artdoxa surely is a sweet antidote. As is art in general.

COMING UP: I want to take a close look at what I perceive as the emerging renaissance of Trash Art or whatever you want to call the most recent offspring of Dada, arte povera, Pop Art, nouveau realisme, Heftige Malerei… um… soon… I’m going to feature some of our members arbitrarily… Do some interviews… Take you on a walk through my neighborhood… Aw I wish I was in EuroDisney now… Alphaville… South Park… Kelowna… Tatooine… just take me to any fictitious parallel universe will do…

So these are the things I find of interest. Bear with me – this is going to be a lot of idle chatter. And a lot of stream-of-consciousness, mostly. But I am ready to listen to any suggestions you come up with, liebe members… And you’re welcome to comment on my historic piece shown above… I couldn’t resist to decorate my rant with this impressive vintage chef d’oevre inconnu.

This really takes me back… Painting those haunting eyes was a real challenge. But that’s what Aggressive Retro Iterativism was all about. Challenge. Provocation. Controversy. Based on a sketch by Gilbert Shelton, this is not even original… so… it’s PAYBACK TIME! C’mon! Grill me!



7 thoughts on “Reality is Female

  1. Here we go Peter..can’t wait to read your stories, i love your direct way of dealing with art and all related issues! What’s the use of all this if we’re not willing to talk about it and most of all to criticize..? What happened to our OPINION? There is not much of so called ‘criticism’ left, neither in art nor in most other areas in which taste plays a role…where is our COURAGE concerning our own opinion? – Whatever, i’m glad that you’re doing what you’re doing and i know that many people feel uncomfortable because of this exact fact – but what’s a work worth if the artist can’t stand the smallest criticism? Amen.

  2. Dear Peter,
    no need to grill you (grill enough anyway these days). You serve us with rich food for thought. Since giving is more blessed than receiving do not expect too much payback.
    May you be our “permanent posting pontifex” (quoting yourself)!
    All the best, Jochen

  3. Thanks Felix.
    Actually, I am a gestalt therapist. So let’s be direct.
    Stories – that’s too big. It’s going to be some kind of impressionism rather. Notes in a diary.
    Primary Main Objective: Entertainment. Well, hopefully…

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